Service Policy

1. The selected picture is only a sample product,and a container which may not look exactly the same as it looks in the picture.

2. Jenny Flowers may use substitute flowers and a container, in case of non availability of the selected flowers and container by the customer.

3. Jenny Flowers assures delivery on the same day and specific time is not guaranteed.

4. The delivery may delay due to natural calamities, strikes or any other political reaso

ns and in such cases, delivery will be made on the following day or any later date as per the requirement of the customer. In case the delivery on a later date is not acceptable, we will refund the paid amount to the customer.

5. Jenny Flowers will not be responsible for non-delivery of flowers, due to incorrect contact details (please give at least an alternate number and mail ID for contact).

6. Same day delivery is only possible; depend upon the convenience of our outlets.

7. In countries where flower shops are closed on Saturday / Sunday and the order falls on that day, the delivery will be made on the next working day.

8. Refund is applicable, only on exceptional cases (only due to any laps from our side). Cancellation of order shall be notified before 24 hours for international orders and 12 hours for local orders within UAE. Any complaints raised on a later date for quality of flowers will not be accepted.

9. Our guarantee is limited to flower products only & quality of gift items cannot be guaranteed, as the same is not of our product.

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